The Final Shot (song lyrics)

Posted by Ryan J. Cunningham on November 24, 2010 at 2:57 PM

Laughed at, pointed at, like a puppet on stage,

So much hatred, anger, and rage.

Ridiculed, tormented, and bullied each day,

Revenge seemed to be the only way.

Others think I’m different in every way,

Chased and beaten up all through the day.

I try to run, there’s no place to hide.

Living scared, lonely, and empty inside.

Nobody wants to be my friend,

Only one way to make all this end.

Chorus: 1 Shot, 2 Shot, 3 Shot, Four,

Bodies lying on the floor.

A gunman loose inside the school,

Another lost soul, who wasn’t very cool.

With the power of a gun at hand.

Now everyone is going to understand,

The anguish, loneliness, and pain.

The fear running through my veins.

With pistol in hand, pointed at my head

The final shot and now I'm dead.

If one person reached out as a friend,

This isn’t how it would have to end!

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